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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


What is MTN Super Saver and How to Migrate to MTN Super Saver.

MTN Super Savers is one of the MTN Tariff plan where by subscribers will be charged 58 kobo per second for the first minute call for the day. Then from the second minute, for MTN to MTN calls, you will be charged 10 kobo per seconds and 30kobo per seconds if you call other networks.
Then if you call US, Canada, and UK landlines, you will be charged 20k per seconds. Also if you call UK mobile, you will be charged 42Kobo per seconds.

MTN Super Savers plan also includes free happy hour calls from 12:30am to 4:30am everyday.
What this means is that if you are already on  MTN Super Saver plan, You will be charged 58 kobo per second for the first 1 minute for MTN2MTN .  Then calls after after  1 minute to 4 minutes, you will be charged at 20 kobo per second , then from 5 minutes &  above , you will be charged 17 kobo per second.
Then if you are calling other networks from your MTN Line, you will be charged 58 kobo per second for the first  minute call.  Then Call after the  1 minute to 4 minutes , you will be charged 30 kobo per second, then calls from 5 minutes and above to other networks, you will be charged  25 kobo per second.


==>    20 kobo per second to UK landline, China, US and Canada will be charge to your MTN Line if  you    call any of the    these countries.

==>   There is no access fees and  there is no hidden charges on MTN Super Saver Plan.

==>    There is also  Happy Hour calls from 12.30am -  04.30am at 10 kobo per second  everyday to any MTN number.

==>    There is NO Free Call on MTN Super Saver plan

MTN Super Saver In Nutshet
DATA:                                                                          5 Kobo per Kilobyte
SMS International:                                                       15 Naira per SMS
SMS MTN – Other Networks in Nigeria:                    10 Naira per SMS
SMS MTN – MTN:                                                    5 Naira per SMS
MMS:                                                                         60 Naira per MMS

How To Migrate to MTN Super Saver
  •   simply text  408 to 131 or dial *408#.
To Switch from your Current plan to MTN Super Saver, First change in 30 days is FREE but subsequent  changes within 30 days attract a charge of  NGN100.00 per each change

MTN has some other tariff Plans like MTN Family and Friends, MTN Smooth Talk, MTN Pulse,   MTN Zone. You can still check all these other Plans , to find out which you is Preferable to you.

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Whats your own view about this MTN Super Saver plan?


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