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Saturday, 3 August 2013


Watch Online TV Channels with Over 3000 Live TV Stations For Free.

Today, I m going to show you how you can watch online TV channels  with over 3000 TV station + DSTV Station free of charges. Yes, you can stop paying for your TV services and be watching it online for free. You can start watching live TV sports,  watch live cricket, free movies online.
To watch all these over 3000 live TV Channels, you need to be online and have Chrome browser.
Chrome browser is what we are going to use, so if you don’t have it on your laptop , you can download it here.
After that, you need to download these 4 Chrome extension.  With these, you can Watch Online TV Channels with Over 3000 Live TV Stations  For Free.

Here are the Extension you need to watch online TV channels

1)       Internet  TV
This gives you a quick access to many TV channels including youtube, Russian Today and many more. It also includes Entertainment channels, News Channels, Animal Channels etc. it’s very easy to install.  Just click to install.
Download Internet  TV to Watch Online TV Channels

2)       Free Live TV:
Free live TV has good sport channels, Entertainment channels and many others. They have over 100 Channels and they keep track of all their Channels.
Download Free Live TV to Watch Online TV Channels

3)      TV For Chrome.
TV for chrome is one of the popular TV extension add on chrome. It has over 3000 TV Channels and is regarded as the most downloaded TV Extension. Here the TV channels are arranged country by country. You can download it here and watch all your TV channels.
Download TV For Google chrome to Watch Online TV Channels

4)       TV Opedia
This is another good TV station available for chrome browser users. It has a number of good stations ranging from religion, kids, politics and a lot more. These TV stations are located in different  countries.
Download Tvopedia to Watch Online TV Channels
Thanks For reading. Tell us what other software do you use to Watch Online TV Channels


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