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Thursday, 1 August 2013


Real Racing 3 is Now Free for iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Users

Electronics Arts’ mobiles studio Firemonkeys, the brain behind Real Racing, which is the best mobile racing game available to mobile users, recently will be releasing its newest racing game called Real Racing 3.
Real racing 3, which is a major upgrade from Real Racing 2 will be released as free miun model.  So you don’t need to pay for it before you download it, unlike Real Racing 2, which cost $5. This will really make smartphone users to quick download it and enjoy the latest moves Real Racing 3 has.

But there is one major catch here, you may need to buy some in-app application , to enjoy the game to its fullest. And this in- app purchase will cost you your really money. This is where EA developers are looking up to, for monetization.

The new Real racing 3 involves more than 600 hours of play and it brings the 900 events to feel the real racing experience . Real racing 3 has more new cars,  innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer mode , more new tracks,and a whole lots more.

Trailblazing new features include over 45 meticulously detailed fine cars from makers like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Dodge and Audi and officially licensed tracks, an expanded 22-car grid. In addition, racing is now more interested because the nes multimedia effects introduced and  Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology.

Powered by the remarkable new Mint™ 3 Engine, Real Racing 3 features persistent car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors, and dynamic reflections for a super-enhanced racing reality. Enjoy a rich, next-gen game with the most advanced cross-platform social and competitive racing community ever. Real Racing 3 delivers it all.

Download Real Racing 3 for Android in Google Play

Download Real Racing for iPhone and ipad in Apple App store


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