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Saturday, 3 August 2013


MTN Tariff Plans and MTN Packages in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria offers different Tariff Plans  and packages  to its subscribers. Being the network that has the highest  number of subscribers in Nigeria, they always try to cover more area their network has not reached.
 Remember you need to first of all register your SIM with MTN as directed by Nigeria Communication Communication before you will be to subscribe to any of these tariff plans.

Note: MTN often change their traffic plans from time to time , but as of today , these are what MTN Nigeria offer.

           MTN Nigeria offers these Tariff Plans and Packages:
                     1)       MTN Booster Monthly
                    2)       MTN Booster Weekly
                    3)        MTN Smooth Talk

                   4)       MTN PayGo

                   5)      MTN Pulse

                         6)       MTN Family & Friends

                          7)      MTN Super Saver Prepaid
                          8)      MTN Super Saver Postpaid

                          9)       MTN Happy Hour

                        10)   MTN Zone

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