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Saturday, 3 August 2013


How To Transfer Music, Videos To Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Without iTunes.

Music or video Transfer via iTunes is very difficult process. In fact its very frustrating. Many people may not like to transfer music, videos or photos to iPad, iPhone or iPod devices using iTunes.
So i want to show you how you can easily transfer music or Videos  from your computer to your ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Follow these steps

1)      Download CopyTrans from here

2)     Open it by Right clicking on it

3)     Click on Test Connection

4)     It will quickly test your internet connection and pop up a window which ask you to download some program.

5)    Select CopyTrans Manager Free, Then click Install.

6)    it will install. After installation, a window pop up will come up. You need to click on use CopyTrans Manager.

7)   Another window pop will come up saying” It is now safe to connect your device”.

8)    You can now connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod to your Computer and it will read all the files on your device.

9)    You can now copy and paste music, videos and photos to your ipad, iPhone or iPod.

10)    Click on update to copy to your device.

Things You need to know

1)     If your computer is not able to detect your device, that means you have not installed iTunes. installing iTunes will help the computer to install the driver of your iPad, iPhone or ipod on your system.

2)    You must run CopyTrans Installer as an Administrator.

3)  You must click on “Update” before the CopyTrans transfer any file.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading.

Do you know any other ways to transfer music or video to your iPad , iPod or iPhone.  Share it in the comment sections so that we can all learn together.


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