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Friday, 2 August 2013


How To Organize And Rename All MP3 Files With MusicZen Music File Organizer

These days many people don’t  have time to organize their audio and video files sitting in their laptops or computer.  They scatter the audio files here and there.  This is mostly because they have many audio and video files on the system which will take them enough time to organize them in a structured folder category wise.
MusicZen  is utility program that will help you to organize the mp3 file by moving or copying your music files from  source to destination. With MusicZen, you have the capability to rename and replace your files in the folder you want. You can use MusicZen to arrange and organize automatically all your mp3 files and move or copy it to a new folder as you desire.
MusicZen arrange your .mp3 files by reading the tag information associated with the mp3 files and use the information to create a folder where all the files that have the same tags will be saved. If there is no tag information on the mp3 files, MusicZen will create a folder known as “Unknown” and place all the files there.

How to use this MusicZen Music file Organizer:
MusicZen platform  comes with two tabs: Organize and Preference tabs.
Organize tab allows you to organize your files by selecting the source and the destination of all your files.  After selecting the source and your destination folder, you hit the start button and MusicZen will do its work.
Preference Tab: This tab provides you with advance function. You can choose whether to move the mp3 files from the source folder to the destination folder, or just copy them there.

Click the Change button to preview all the available styles for folder tree structure and file renaming. After you have done this, go to organize tab and select the source folder and destination folders. Then Click the ‘Organize’. That’s it, your files will  be organized and sorted based on your selection.
MusicZen provides supports for  32bit and 64bit computers of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


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