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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


How To Make $50 Per Day With Bum Marketing

I know exactly what you are thinking now, how is it possible to make $50 per day from Bum Marketing. It is not as hard as you think so far you know exact what you are doing.

In order to make $50 per day with Bum marketing, there are some things you need to know.
First, you need to promote a product a pays at least $25 commission per sale and the product sales page conversation rate should be at least 2%.

Secondly, you need to submit your article to article directories. When your article get accepted in top article directories, your articles will be getting a minimum of 250 views per articles.

In nutshell, to Make $50 per day with Bum marketing work with these at below.
1)     Commission the product you are promoting          =   $25
2)    Product sales page conversation rate                         =    2%
3)    Expected views per article                                               =    250
4)    Expected resource box CTR                                            =  15%
5)    Number of articles views you nee to reach $50     =  3
Note:  The data above is what most internet markets are using to reach their $50 per day goal.
If you really want to make $50 per day, you need to take this into consideration.


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