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Saturday, 3 August 2013


How To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Jail breaking is a term use to refer to the process of removing all the limitation that Apple placed on their devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Jail breaking your device will give you a full access to the root of the ios operating system and also allows you to download more applications, extension and themes that are not made available through the Apple App Store.

So to Jailbreak your device follow these steps
1)    Download Absinthe from

2)   Extract the Absinthe Folder.

3)   Lunch the Absinthe Application and run it as an Administrator.

4)  During the running, you will get a screen with lots of text.

5)  After that you will get a Folder named “Absinthe”.

6)  Now open the folder and you will see the actual Absinthe Application.

7)  Connect your device to the computer using usb cable.

8)  Click on Jailbreak.

9)  Just relax. Absinthe will do everything for you. After that you will have Cydia on your home screen.

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