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Saturday, 3 August 2013


How To Install Whatsapp on iPod Touch and iPad.

Have you been looking for how to install Whatsapp on your iPod Touch or iPad? If yes, I want to show you how I installed mine on my iPod and iPad.

Lets get started.
As you are aware, Whatsapp is a messaging app that support many devices across different platforms. By default, iPhone supports Whatsapp, but iPad and iPod does not.  In order to install Whatsapp on iPod and iPad , you need to follow these steps.
Note: this only works on Jailbroken devices. See info here on how to Jailbreak your device.

  Install Whatsapp on your device.
You need to first of all install whatsapp on your iPod or iPad. There are two ways you can install Whatsapp on your device. Its either you install it using
a)  Installous   or

b)  iPhone Configuration Utility.

Using Installous
Almost everybody who possesses Jailbroken devices have Installous on their iPad or iPod. What you need to do is to search for Whatsapp on Installous, then from there, you can install Whatsapp.

Using iPhone Configuration Utility.
You can still install Whatsapp on iPad or iPod using iPhone Configuration Utility. just follow these steps.

a)  Connect your iPad or iPod to a computer and download the iPhone Configuration Utility using the link below.
b)   Next is to download Whatsapp here.

c)   Open your downloaded iPhone configuration utility and select your device from the side of the app. then click on Application tab.

d)  Click on “Add IPA”. Then browse to select the "WhatsApp" you downloaded before.

e) After selecting the file, click install.

Even if you use any of the above method to install Whatsapp on your system, you will get a message that your device is not supported. So to make it work follow these steps

Open Cydia from your iPad or iPod Touch and search for “Whatspad”. Then install the first search result. Reboot  your iPad or iPod. After that your Whatsapp will be working properly.


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