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Saturday, 3 August 2013


How To Install Android Operating System on your PC

I want to share with you the easiest way to install Android Operating system on your Mobile Phone. We are going to make use of these Software.

1)  Virtual Box By Oracle:  This is a free Software and its available here
2)  ISO Android Operating System. This is also a free app. Download it here
Download the above two software and install it on your computer.

After installation follow these steps
1)   Open the virtual Box, and Click on New, then Click on Next.

2)   Type in the Your Name in the name Field, then in the “OS TypeSelectLinux” as Operating system and in the Window Field Select “Other Linux” then Click Next.

3)   Select Memory Size and Click Next

4)   Check “Boot hard Disk” Check Box and Select “Create New hard disk” Click on Next and Next again

5)   Select Fixed Storage and Click on Next

6)   Select Location and define the virtual Hard disk (eg 2.00GB), then Click on Next and then Finish.
 The Next thing to do is to mount this ISO File on the machine.

7) So from the VirtualBox, Click on settings, select and Click on “Storage”

8) Select the hard drive you created before, and click on the “Empty Icon” Under it.

9) Under “Attributes” look for “CD/DVD Devices” and Click on the Folder Icon.

10) Click on “Add”  Then browse to the Location you save your ISO Files.

11) Click Open, and Select it.

12) Go to System and uncheck “Enable absolute Pointing Devices” Then Click Ok.

13) Click on start, and Ok, and Ok.

14) Select the screen resolution and Click ok.

Now Enjoy Android on your PC.


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