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Saturday, 3 August 2013


How To Increase Your Earnings With Linkbucks.

Last week , I talked about how to make money with Linkbucks. So in this article I will show you how to increase your earnings with Linkbucks.

Linkbucks is a websites that will pay you when people click on your own links. Its just as simple as that. All you need to do is to be sharing links everywhere, Facebook, twitter, etc. You need to sign up with Linkbucks before they will start paying. You can sign up here , Click here. Its free.
Linkbucks have 3 ways you can make money with them. They include:  short link, Intermission and Locker links.

For you to make good money with Linkbucks, you need to concentrate more on Locker links. Locker Links allows visitors to fill out survey before you could be credited with a successful leads. Below is the payout rate for Locker links for each visitors that click on your links.

These are top 9 countries with highest payout.
NO         Norway                 $9.12
DE           Germany             $8.52
AU          Australia             $8.37
AT           Austria                $8.17
FR           France                 $4.40
DK          Denmark              $3.38
BE           Belgium                $3.03
SI            Slovenia               $2.62
GR          Greece                   $2.53
So I have given you the tips now, what you need to do is to start posting links in forums, groups , anywhere you think you can get clicks from these countries.
See you at the top.


  1. Pls. Something confuses me, I have created a locked link, what of if I post my link and the visitor don't complete the survey but skips it, will it still pay or not?