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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


How To Cash Out Your Google Adsense Money Here in Nigeria

One question those who are new to internet business in Nigeria normally ask is “how will you cash the money you made from Google Adsense or other online business? “

Normally most internet business involves getting paid by Cheques. Likewise, Adsense , as of today pay Nigerians in Cheques. For you to cash your money/ Cheque, you need to have a domiciliary account with any of the Nigeria banks.

So walk into any of the Nigeria banks, and ask the customer care personnel that you want to open a domiciliary account in dollars.  You will be given a domiciliary account form and 2 reference form. You may want  to take the form to your house and fill it.  Also you have to look for any of 2 of your friends or relatives that own current accounts in any Nigeria banks to fill your reference forms.
Then while returning the forms to the bank, you have to go with your National ID or Drivers License, your utility bill.

Depending on the banks, you may be asked to deposit a minimum of $100 in your new account immediately its opened.

Once your account has been opened, you will be given your account number.
So when ever you receive an Adsense Cheque  you will have to take to your bank and lodge it in your domiciliary account. It normally takes a minimum of 15 working days for the cheque to be cleared.
Once you cheque clears, your bank will notify you vis sms or Email, that your cheque has been cleared and the money has been deposited in your domiciliary account.
Then walk in in any of your bank branch and withdraw your money in dollars  and enjoy.


  1. I think is a good alternative to google ad sense in Nigeria