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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Getting Accepted By CPA Networks

Getting accepted into CPA Networks is really very hard especially if you are still new to Internet business. CPA Networks always makes it difficult so that they can filter out “those who plays around” from serous Internet marketers.
In this guide, I want to share with you, tips that will help you to get accepted ay any CPA networks.

First, You need your Own Hosted Website
Applying with a free website may not really be a good idea if you really want to be accepted very fast. Also Most CPA Networks do not allow free websites. Others that allows it, will like to ask you more questions which might increase your chances of no be acceptable in the Network. So my professional advise is to build your own self hosted website.

Secondly, Getting some Advertisers on your website.
Yes, you need to display some ads on your websites. Affiliate managers will manually review your site to know other CPA Networks you are already working with. This will increase your chances of been accepted if they find other that you are already working with one or two other CPA Networks. Most CPA Networks prefers somebody with good knowledge of how CPA Network works and also who have experience.

Note: Do not put Adsense Ads on your website, rather you can sign up with Commission Junction and Display their Ads on your site. Commission Junction usually accept every body.

Thirdly, you Need an Email Collector.
You need a way to collect email address on your sits. Most CPA Affiliate Mangers normally check this out before approving your account because CPA Networks have lots of Email Campaign that needs to be promoted.

Fourthly, Apply to Many CPA Networks
Although some will still reject you, but many will accept you. Here are some of the CPA Networks you can apply for:


Fifthly, Answering Questions
Let’s take a look at some of the common asked questions and the answers they will be expecting to here from you

How will you drive traffic to the offers?
There are many things you can say her, i usually say

Email promotions to my mailing list. You to let them know that you professional here. Speak to them with the right language by telling tell them you have a big list of email subscription. Let them know that you are the only one that built these email list and you built it over 3 years. Tell them that you have over 100,000 emails, give them details on your open rates, delivery rates, response rates. Etc and also that you have developed trust with your subscribers etc. (you are making this up of course ;)

When you follow these tips, you will end up having many approved CPA accounts from different networks.
I hope this guide helps.


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