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Friday, 2 August 2013


Etisalat Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Last week we talked about how to subscribe to Etisalat Data Plan For Blackberry. As we all know, Etisalat is really reliable when it comes to internet browsing. In this article, i will discuss how to subscribe to Etisalat Data Plan using your Etisalat modem or any 3G Unlocked Modem.

One thing I like about Etisalat data plan is that their downtime is really very low when compare with other telecom companies. Each time I browse with Etisalat, i always enjoy my browsing. So below are the latest Etisalat Data plans

To activate your Etisalat data plan Modem for internet browsing, you need to choose from any of these Data Plans

S/N Plans Price(=N=) USSD Code SMS Keyword to 229
1 Daily 10MB 100 *229*3*1# MI1
2 Weekly 50MB 500 *229*3*4# MI2
3 200MB 1,000 *229*2*1# MB2
4 500MB 2,000 *229*2*2# MB3
5 1.5GB 4,000 *229*2*4# MB4
6 Night & Weekend 4,000 *229*3*3# MB7
7 3GB 6,500 *229*2*3# MB5
8 6GB 8,000 *229*2*5# MB6
9 10GB 10,000 *229*4*1# SM1
10 15GB 15,000 *229*4*2# SM2
11 20GB 18,000 *229*4*3# SM3
  • To Check your Internet balance on Etisalat Nigeria dial – *228#

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