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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Download Final Fantasy V for iPhone & iPad

While much attention was focused on music, Final Fantasy V is one of the greatest discovery game industry as well. The first within the series to produce a large cast of playable characters, Final Fantasy IV seemed to be the first the following the real time active battle system called Active Time Battle that achieved great success and also it stand out amongst all traditional turn based RPGs.

Instead of monsters and the player characters each taking their own submit a ridged manner, enemies may attack while you scan through menus or focus on casting spells. This dramatically increases chance of battle, and also makes them more realistic. Method would go on to be adopted by nearly every Final Fantasy sequel to follow.

So, yeah, Final Fantasy V is another great SNES RPG. The long awaiting Final Fantasy V has finally hit the App store, 20 years after the original Final Fantasy V was  released in Japan.
This is great game for iPhone and iPad users. Its compatible with OS 4.3 or later. Currently it supports these languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish & Chinese.

It cost $15.99 to download.

Download Final Fantasy V Here


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