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Friday, 2 August 2013


8 Ways To Attract Unique Visitors to Your Websites.

The simple truth is that if you really want to attract unique visitors to your websites, you don’t need to follow one straight strategy. You need different strategies that really works. Personally, I use these 8 ways to drive unique traffic to my websites.

1)      Forum: Participating in forum is really a guaranteed way of getting unique traffic. Join many forum especially the ones are related to your niche and contribute meaningfully to the discussion. Also make sure you also add at the  button of your post, a link pointing to your websites.  Anybody who reads your contribution will as well like to check out your websites.

2)       Article Writing: This is another great way to drive traffic to your website. You are to write an article and submit it to different article directories. At the button of the article, you should include a link point to your website and little description of what you do. One thing I love about this, is that you article will get used up over and over again, all over the internet.  There will not be a day you will not get a visitor to your website after you have submitted your articles to different article directories.

3)      Join yahoo Groups:  Many people neglect this, but this drives  instant traffic to your websites. Log in to , then go to groups. Then search for groups related to your niche and join them. Immediately you get approved, start contributing to the groups with a link pointing back to your websites. You can be sending tips relating to your niche to them.

4)      Create a video: Upload your video to Youtube, you can instantly drive traffic to your websites immediately. Creating a video these days is not a hard thing to do. You can use your personal smartphone that support video recording to do it or you can use create a video professional video maker softwares.

5)      Facebook: This is one of the most popular social networking websites online. Many people are on Facebook. You can leverage this opportunity Facebook offers.  There are may ways to drive traffic to your website using Facebook. The 3 most popular ones are
a)      Driving traffic using your Facebook wall
b)      Driving traffic using Facebook page
c)        Driving traffic using Facebook groups.

6)      Yahoo Answer: Most people are still not aware of this, but participating in answering question on Yahoo Answer can really drive traffic to your websites. All you have to do is to start helping people to answer question and make sure you always put a link back to your website. In no distance time you will see a great increase in traffic to your website via Yahoo Answer.

7)      Search Engine Traffic: Search Engine like Google , Yahoo and Bing can really help to bring loads of visitors to your websites. All you need to do is to optimise your websites with the keyword you are targeting and search engine will start bring in visitor to your sites.

8)      PPC:   This means pay per click. This is a form of advertising where you pay for each visit to your website. You can use this way to drive unique visitors to your websites. Example of places where you can participate in PPC advertising are
a)       Google Adword
b)      Chitika
c)       Yahoo publishing
d)      And many others
There are so many other ways you can drive traffic to your websites but these are the one I can call 8 Top ways to drive traffic to your website.

What method are you using to drive traffic to your  websites? Share and lets hear from you .


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