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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


5 Best Alternatives For Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft, the official developer of Microsoft Office has been on top of the game with great improvement and continuous. Although Microsoft Office is very popular, great and not free to download, there are  other suites software that has the same features of Microsoft Office and its free to download.

Below are the best 5 alternative for Microsoft word.
1)  Apache Open Office:
This is a better alternative for Microsoft Office. Its free and has tools for word editing and processing, presentation, graphics, spreadsheets and database. It can conveniently open Microsoft documents and can also save a file in Microsoft format. It supports Mac and Linux Platform.
Click here to download Apache Open Office.

2)  Libre Office:
This is another free software  that has all the features of Microsoft Office. It has word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing tool and database application. It supports windows, Mac and Linux platform.
Download Libre Office Here

3)  Google Docs:
This is a free online based suite, developed by Google. this suite can only be used online and it has the features of Microsoft office and can edit and open Microsoft Office Document.
Visit Google Docs Here.

4)   Abisource
This is another free software. Currently,  Abisource has only word processor called Abiword.  Abiword is unique among other word processor. It support UNIX, windows, mac and Linux.
Download Abisource here.

5)  Net Office:
This is an open source suite for Mac Operating System. It has the same features of open office.
Download Net Office here.


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