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Sunday, 28 July 2013


How To Stop Whatsapp Application From Debiting Your Account Balance.

It’s quite unfortunate that many of us have been complaining bitterly about how Whatsapp Phone Messenger debits  call credits per minutes basis, whether you receive a text or not.

In fact one of my friends recently narrated to me how he loaded N200 recharge card on his MTN phone before he slept off at night.  Later when he woke up the following morning, he released that his account balance was 0:00.  He immediately uninstalled Whatsapp from his phone.

But today, I m going to share with you tips on how to stop the Whatsapp from debiting your account balance when it’s not in use. This tip I want to share with you works on Nokia Symbian phones. We have not yet confirmed whether it’s working on other mobile phones that support Whatsapp application.
Whatsapp Messenger is an application developed by Whatsapp Inc. that allows phone users to communicate with other via sending text, pictures , video or audio. Unlike the normally blackberry chat which only supports Blackberry phones, Whatsapp Messenger supports many different platforms which includes Iphones, Android, Nokia Symbian s60 & S40, Blackberry and Window Phones.

So if you are using Nokia Symbain S60 & S40 phones, follow these 2 simple steps to stop Whatsapp from debiting your credit balance.
1)       Each time you are done with the Whatapp Messenger, make sure you exit it by pressing option then select Exit.    Option—Exit
2)      Immediately after Exiting from Whatsspp, lock your phone with Keypad Lock.
Once you follow the above 2 steps, you will find out that your app will stop debiting you.
 Note: You can still try these with other phones to check whether it will work for you.

But if  after you try these two steps and it didn’t work for you, the go further with these steps.
==> Install NetQin Antivirus on Your Mobile Phone.
==> After the installation,  Go to Option>>System Manager>>Boot Acceleration
==> Select Whatsapp, and Disable it
This will automatically disable Whatsapp from running under background.
Each time you need to access the Whatsapp , just click on the icon, it will open.
I hope this helps.

But another option you can still try is by subscribing to Airtel Whatsapp Subscription


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